Thames TV

Composer team Brains & Hunch embarked on a new relationship with music for Baewatch.

Produced by Thames TV (part of Fremantle UK), BAEwatch (8×60) will test unsuspecting couples who believe they’re on a romantic break for two and have the perfect relationship. However, they will secretly be observed by their in-laws, who will be setting challenges behind the scenes to see what the strength of their relationship is really like! Will the baes impress their in-laws, or will there be tears and heated discussions?

Brains & Hunch, whose other commissions include Glow Up! (8×60, BBC 3) and The Baby Club (CBeebies) have written a title theme and accompanying music throughout the series.

The series was produced by Georgina Hinds and executive produced by Phil Harris, Amelia Brown and Ben Steven.

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