What our clients say about us

"Chris [Branch] has always been a joy to work with and a complete professional.

We have had so many awesome comments about the music for our most recent CBeebies series ‘Let’s Go For A Walk’ and how it creates ‘moments of mindfulness’ within each episode.

I can’t recommend Chris highly enough to any production..."

Terri Langan , Head of Kids - Hello Halo Productions

"Ellie is not only a fantastic songwriter and musician but also a brilliant person to work with.

On Molly and Mack she has written the songs that have not only become the backbone of the show but also massive hits for the CBeebies audience.

She has a very positive manner and works well with cast/talent, including young and inexperienced performers."

Jane Baxter , Producer - BBC

“Paul is an extremely accomplished composer, a perfectionist (in a good way!), whose music brings a real depth of feeling to the programme.

He builds great relationships with directors, works closely to a brief, and delivers music at great speed when required.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Mary Crisp , Series Producer - Twenty Twenty Productions

I’ve worked with many composers over the years, but Sanj stands out for his innate sense of drama and comedy and the ability to really add something in terms of musical value to the overall piece.

He also needed no notes, which is unheard of - I think there was maybe 1 across a whole 52 episodes!

Sarah Muller , BBC Children's Head of Acquisitions - BBC

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nainita on our Discovery Channel UK/Science Channel USA series, Legends of the Deep.

The musical landscape she created for our underwater ocean exploration series, starring the grandchildren of Jacques Cousteau, was truly exceptional.

I’m forever grateful to have had the privilege to work with her..."

Stephanie Pickering , Series Producer - Cineflix

"Steve has always been able to offer me just the right fit of composer for the project to hand, and like Steve himself, they are all super professional, easy to deal with and seemingly able to help me with any style, timescale and budget.

Whilst you should always keep your options open in this business, I genuinely do find it hard to go anywhere else."

Chris Bowden , Director - MacKinnon and Saunders

"Chris always brings real enthusiasm to a brief; offering new ideas but ensuring that the editorial ambition is hit.

His love for finding new sounds and ability to think outside the box make for interesting instrumentation and melodies that really punch through.

Chris is great to work with and has a joy for the job that really shines through."

Jon Hancock , Founder and MD - Three Arrows Media

"Ellie and Joss are really fantastic to work with...

They are skilled lyricists and composers who have created a fresh and distinctive theme tune and score for my current series JoJo & Gran Gran... they deliver the good and they are a joy to work with."

Tom Cousins , Producer - BBC

“As the showrunners of Norman Picklestripes, we give our highest recommendation to Sanj Sen as a composer for kids' television.

Sanj wrote 12 spectacular songs for our series, all of which were catchy, singable, and way more musically innovative that the usual preschool repertoire.

He is a true find and we can't wait to work with him again on another project.”

Judy Rothman Rofé and Alex Rockwell , Executive Producers, Norman Picklestripes - Universal Kids

"Paul really understood the concept of the series and how important the music was to the mood of the series we’ve created... we can’t thank him enough for continuously being so creatively spot on."

Sam Beddoes , Producer

“Paul Honey is a creative genius. His work on ALL AT SEA has not only enhanced the series, but lifted it to a whole new level...

He has a true understanding of how to score to lift mood, add energy, give emotional beats and work hand in hand with the writers to truly take the audience on a massive fun journey.”

Juliet Charlesworth , Series Producer - BBC