MacKinnon and Saunders

Banks & Wag scored the pre-school series Wanda and The Alien.

Airing on Channel 5 in the UK and in over 30 other countries on the Nick Jnr. Channel, the series is based on a well-loved series of Random House books about a little girl rabbit who befriends an alien. It is written and illustrated by award-winning writer and illustrator Sue Hendra.

Produced at the word famous studios of Mackinnon & Saunders in Greater Manchester (The Fantastic Mr Fox, Bob The Builder), the 52 x 10 series uses flash 2D animation. Co-producers are Komixx Entertainment (The Kissing Booth, Toby’s Travelling Circus) and Random House Children’s Screen Entertainment.

Banks & Wag (The X Factor, Zingzillas, Blue Peter, Amazing Greys) composed the entire episodic score for the series.