Paul Honey scores series 3 of A House Through Time

4-part BBC Two series charts the chronology of a Bristol-based house.

Paul Honey has scored series 3 of the critically acclaimed programme A House Through Time.

Presenter David Olusoga traces the lives of the residents who, across many years of history, lived within a single house. In this third outing of the factual series, he uncovers stories of the varied residents of a house in Bristol.

Chronicling the residents’ stories from the 1800s to the present day, Olusoga reveals real-life drama covering the tobacco industry, piracy, slavery and the Bristol Blitz.

Paul Honey also scored series 1 and 2 of A House Through Time.

A House Through Time is commissioned by Simon Young and produced by Twenty Twenty Television for BBC Two. The series producer is Mary Crisp. The series airs soon on BBC Two.