Paul Honey scores theme for new BBC Two series

4-part living history series comes to BBC Two

Anita Rani is joined by potter and ceramic designer Keith Brymer Jones (pictured left) and arts and crafts expert Patch Rogers (pictured right) to present a new series for BBC Two, The Victorian House Of Arts And Crafts.

Paul Honey (A House Through Time) has written an extended theme for the new four-part series from Lion Television Scotland which will air on BBC Two in early 2019.

The series will transport six modern-day craftspeople back in time to live and experience first hand the ideas and practices of Arts and Crafts visionaries William Morris, John Ruskin and Gertrude Jekyll.

Formed in protest against the dehumanisation of workers and mass-produced goods, these pioneers felt a return to nature, and taking a pride in handcrafted goods would enhance their lives and create a better society. But will it work today and what, if anything, can the craftspeople take from the experience that might enrich their lives in the modern world?

Cut off from 21st century life, the group of six artisans will be transported back into a remote Victorian Arts & Crafts bubble where they must lovingly breathe life back into an original Arts and Crafts property.

The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts for BBC Two was commissioned by Emma Cahusac. Executive Producers for Lion Television Scotland are Lisa Hazlehurst and Nick Catliff. The Series Editor for Lion is Jeremy Daldry.