Mighty Little Bheem hits Netflix US top spot

Kids series becomes King of Netlflix US most-watched in 2019.

Mighty Little Bheem, scored by The Composerworks' Banks & Wag and Jamie Salisbury took the number 1 spot for Netflix US's most-watched international show of 2019.

Launched in April 2019 (first season) and on 30 August (second season), the show has quickly become a global hit.

Produced in partnership with India and LA-based animation studio Green Gold Animation, the series chronicles the adventures of the very-strong-for-his-size hero, Mighty Little Bheem, who travels through his hometown on various adventures.

The series is currently in production on season 3 which Banks & Wag and Jamie Salisbury are scoring. It will be broadcast later this year on Netflix across the world.

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