Double Paul Farrer commission for new Studio 1 outfit

"Lucky 13" and "The Imposter" film at MediaCityUK

Studio 1 has recently filmed its debut non-tx gameshow pilots entitled "Lucky 13" and "The Imposter".

Produced at Dock 10's HQ1 at MediaCityUK (pictured), Paul Farrer (The Weakest Link, The Chase, The Wheel) has scored title and all in-show music for the shows.

Lucky 13

Executive-produced by Kevin Bacon, Lucky 13 is a 60-minute “high-stakes general knowledge rolling" quiz show format.

Bacon is slated to host the series in some of the English-speaking markets where the show is being shopped.

The Imposter

Hosted by British barrister and broadcaster Rob Rinder, The Imposter sees contestants dealt a card at random. All of the cards are blank apart from one – the imposter card. Whoever is dealt this card immediately becomes The Imposter, but nobody else knows who it is.


London- and LA-based unscripted production company Studio 1 is founded by TV execs Adrian Wolfe and Claudia Rosencratz.

More follows soon.

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