Chris Branch scores new BBC series for toddlers

Giovanna Fletcher and Nigel Clarke host The Toddler Club At Home

Giovanna Fletcher is putting aside her I'm A Celeb crown and reuniting with Nigel Clarke for a brand-new spin-off of their hit show The Baby Club, in The Toddler Club at Home (20 x 10 mins), coming to CBeebies in January.

The show is scored by Chris Branch who also scored The Baby Club.

“Mumma Gi” and Nigel welcome viewers into their respective homes where they sing, dance, act out stories and encourage viewers to join in with them. Toddlers and their grown-ups appear in their own homes too, having sent into the programme clips of them playing along and having fun together.

The Toddler Club at Home is produced by Tom O’Connell and executive produced by Jon Hancock, David Hallam, Emma Hyman and Christopher Pilkington. The executive producer for CBeebies is Michael Towner. It is produced for CBeebies by Three Arrows Media, Tiny House Productions and CMP Productions.