CBeebies announces 2021 Christmas show scored by Banks & Wag

Banks & Wag to sprinkle more music magic onto this year's show

A star cast of presenters and on-screen talent will be appearing in The Night Before Christmas for CBeebies, with songs and score by the superbly talent duo Banks & Wag (pictured).

Audiences will follow the adventures of Holly and her brother Jack on Christmas Eve, as they send their wishes to Father Christmas. But then they have to deal with the mischievous Wish Taker who steals those wishes, leading Holly to travel far and wide in search of them...

The show will be recorded as live at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in October, in front of an invited local audience, and will air on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer on Saturday 11 December as well as in cinemas across the UK and Ireland with additional exclusive content.

CBeebies Presents: The Night Before Christmas is produced by BBC Children’s Productions and the Executive Producer is Vanessa Amberleigh.