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Raphaelle Thibaut

Known for: Documentary, Drama, Animation, Feature Documentary

After she was born, Thibaut suffered from a series of severe ear issues that led to single-sided deafness. At aged 4, following doctor's recommendation and guided by her music-loving parents, she started an intense piano practice and music became her path to recovery. She studied in Northern France and Paris, where she lived until 2015.

From her early teens, Morricone, Goldstmith and De Roubais scores were playing on her disc-man.

In 2015, after 4 years leading marketing at Google in Europe, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for music and film scoring.

Her primary music genre is neo-classical, a mix of ethereal instruments and electronic, layered vocals, minimalist aestetic elements and slow beat.

But working with advertisers, artists and producers have pushed her to extend her skills to new genres from symphonic, epic, horror to electronic.

In the past year, Raphaelle has been composer for big brands including Ubisoft, Red Bull, Herschel and Tate Modern London, major Hollywood trailer houses and she’s just completed recording an album with EMI Sony/ATV in Europe.

2021 commissions include four-part series Secrets of The Whales (Disney+) executive produced by James Cameron and narrated by Sigourney Weaver. A live symphony orchestra experience for the series featuring Raphaelle's score will also tour venues around the world in 2022.

A long-time Parisian, she’s a Londoner at heart who has recently called New York City home.

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"At Wildscreen in Bristol last year I was approached by four different agencies, each pitching half a dozen or so composers.

That's not unusual, and I did give each the obligatory listen knowing that we were looking for something special for Whales. The thought then was that we may even use a different composer for each of the four hours.

Raphaelle was the only one from the samples I heard that seemed to be offering the heart and soul we were looking for. I already knew by then that this series was going to have a lot more emotion than the usual wildlife film and that it was going to touch people. We needed someone who could compose to that emotion and work with it while still having the generosity not to overwhelm the pictures.

After Raph nailed the first episode, it was clear we didn't need anyone else and we asked her to compose for all four hours."

Brian Armstrong - Executive Producer, Secrets of The Whales (January 2021)


Raphaelle Thibaut's CV

View our composer's list of TV and film credits here.

dragon Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History (forthcoming) BBC
Forthcoming Nat Geo 6-part series "Experiencing Home" (2021) Nat Geo
Forthcoming Amblin Partners / Playtone / LD Entertainment feature documentary (2021) LD Entertainment
dragon Secrets of The Whales (2021) - View project Red Rock Films
dragon Tomb Hunters (2021) (4x60) - View project Lion Television
dragon Introducing, Selma Blair (2021) Discovery+
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Composed by: Raphaelle Thibaut

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