Tomb Hunters

New 4-part series from Lion Television

Raphaelle Thibaut will be scoring Tomb Hunters, a docuseries that will document the discovery of more than 27 sarcophagi (ancient stone coffins).

The series will follow Egyptologists, archeologists and researchers as they travel to Saqqara, Egypt, to learn more about who these mummies were, while scientists will attempt to identify their modern decedents.

Cameras will chart the team as they venture below the earth’s surface to excavate “an unparalleled wealth of unseen treasure” within the dig site in the hopes of investigating the story of life and death – tomb building, mummification, funerary equipment and funerary texts – in ancient Egypt.

Tomb Hunters is a Lion Television and At Land Productions co-production, in partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The series will air on the Smithsonian Channel in 2021. The series producer is Caterina Turroni.

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