The Answer Trap

Channel 4 gameshow scored by Banks & Wag

Channel 4 has commissioned The Answer Trap, a new quiz format hosted by Anita Rani.

With title and related music throughout the show by composers Banks & Wag (pictured), the 30×60 series sees two teams play against each other to secure as much prize money as they can.

Teams are challenged to place answers from a series of lists into their relevant categories. However not all the answers belong in the categories, some are devilish decoys – Answer Traps.

The Answer Trap is a 30 x 60’ series produced by Objective Media Group Entertainment out of Objective Media Group Scotland’s Glasgow base. The Executive producers are Ed de Burgh and Ben Shephard for OMG Entertainment and the series producer is Julie Kelling.

The series airs on Channel 4 from Monday 10th May at 3pm.

What our client says about us

Wow! Banks and Wag know what they’re doing.

They’d absorbed the format so thoroughly and had so successfully imagined the progress of the show before we’d even filmed it, that we discovered they’d anticipated nearly every moment for which we might need a noise, or to play with pace, to increase tension, to celebrate.

Not a single note on music from our commissioners through the entire process, which tells you something.

We could not be more impressed.

Toby Stevens , Executive Producer - Objective Media Group

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