Norman Picklestripes

Sanj Sen (Danger Mouse, Moshi Monsters) has co-written music for Norman Picklestripes Emmy-nominated Universal Kids production.

Written by American screenwriters Alex Rockwell and Emmy-winning Judy Rothman Rofé, the series features Norman, the superintendent of the forest, fixing the problems of its highly eccentric characters with a touch of magic and can-do attitude in this 52×11 comedy.

The series debuted in 2019 on the Universal Kids Channel (formerly Sprout).

Norman Picklestripes is a stop-motion animated comedy made by Factory Create (Clangers, Scream Street).

What our client says about us

“As the showrunners of Norman Picklestripes, we give our highest recommendation to Sanj Sen as a composer for kids' television.

Sanj wrote 12 spectacular songs for our series, all of which were catchy, singable, and way more musically innovative that the usual preschool repertoire.

He is a true find and we can't wait to work with him again on another project.”

Judy Rothman Rofé and Alex Rockwell , Executive Producers, Norman Picklestripes - Universal Kids

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