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Molly and Mack (Series 3 and 4)

Molly and Mack is a drama series based on the daily adventures of a Scottish village community.

With a picturesque setting, engaging characters, warm-hearted storylines, charm, humour and spirit, it celebrates our modern society with inclusivity and diversity while offering a true reflection of the UK today.

Each standalone episode of this new pre-school drama focuses on the lives and comic dilemmas of a diverse, cross-generational village community. The stories reflect the characters’ interconnected lives as the friends and neighbours live happily in the beautiful village of Bridgetown.

The show is scored by Paul Honey (score) and Ellie Wyatt (songs).

Molly and Mack is a BBC Children’s Production. The series producer is Jane Baxter.

The second series aired in 2019 on CBeebies. Series 3 and 4 will air later in 2021.

What our client says about us

"Ellie is not only a fantastic songwriter and musician but also a brilliant person to work with.

On Molly and Mack she has written the songs that have not only become the backbone of the show but also massive hits for the CBeebies audience.

She has a very positive manner and works well with cast/talent, including young and inexperienced performers."

Jane Baxter , Producer - BBC

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