Milkshake! Channel refresh

Ellie Wyatt and Paul Drew refreshed the music for Milkshake!

What is Milkshake!?

Milkshake! is the daily television programming block on Channel 5 aimed at children two to seven years old.

The Brief

Refresh the current opening and closing ident for the strand. Give it an acoustic, handmade and raw feel with guitar, ukelele, hand claps whilst retaining the familiarity and energy of the original.

Our approach

We initially provided two contrasting versions for the Channel 5 team, so that they could pick their preferred version for us to develop further.

That provided a good basis for their initial discussions and they came back with their preferred version.

The Deliverables

30 second 6am opener music, 30 second 9:30am goodbye, 3 and 5 second ident, 15-18 second menu music.

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