Micronauts (forthcoming)

Composer Sanj Sen (Danger Mouse, Moshi Monsters: The Movie), has scored the theme for Micronauts, a forthcoming animated series to be made by Ireland-based animation company Boulder Media for US-based Hasbro Studios, the makers of the Transformers series.

Micronauts (26×22’) is based on Hasbro’s alien action figures which date back to the 1970s and will see the small heroes reimagined in cartoon form for a 6-11 year old audience.

The show will blast off in 2019 ahead of a Paramount Pictures-produced movie slated for 2020.

Sanj’s other recent commissions include music for the forthcoming US Universal Kids series Norm of The Forest, CBBC’s show Beyond Bionic, the theme for CBeebies 52-part series Bitz & Bob and series 3 of Danger Mouse.

The theme is co-written with Sanj’s co-writers, Phillipa Alexander and Alex Hay.

You can read more about Brighton-based Sanj here.

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