Junk Rescue

30-part series starring Danny Sebastian

Composer Chris Branch has scored Junk Rescue, a 30-part series for CBeebies, crafted together with a variety of instruments…

Danny Sebastian (Bargain Hunt), Zoe Pocock and their team of Junkyard Helpers meet at the Junkyard where day-to-day items and junk are given a fun, practical, new life.

Combining traditional crafts from across the UK and creative child-led makes, Junk Rescue makes sustainability fun, showing how the things we throw away can be turned into something useable and encouraging the CBeebies audience to take the lead on what they can make from what they find.

Junk Rescue (30×15) is a Hello Halo production for CBeebies. The producer is Terri Langan and the executive producer is Julia Bond.

What our client says about us

"Chris [Branch] has always been a joy to work with and a complete professional.

We have had so many awesome comments about the music for our most recent CBeebies series ‘Let’s Go For A Walk’ and how it creates ‘moments of mindfulness’ within each episode.

I can’t recommend Chris highly enough to any production..."

Terri Langan , Head of Kids - Hello Halo Productions

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