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JoJo and Gran Gran

Series Celebrating Black British Family Bonds

JoJo & Gran Gran is a 44×11 animated series about an almost five year-old girl and her fun and wise grandmother.

They live close by to one another in a bustling London neighbourhood and Gran Gran always has something planned to do when JoJo comes to visit.

Throughout the series, the stories are inspired by the passing of time, covering topics such as life cycles, the passing of the seasons, growth or the sequencing involved in activities like baking a cake or catching a bus.

JoJo adores her grandma and the time they spend together. Gran Gran is very proud of her Saint Lucian heritage and is always happy when she has an opportunity to teach JoJo about the island’s culture.

The series is scored by Ellie Wyatt (Tee and Mo, Kit and Pup, Molly and Mack) who also wrote the theme song, Joss Peach (Tee and Mo) and Jamie Salisbury (Mighty Little Bheem, Kit and Pup).

The series is produced by Tom Cousins and is executive produced by Vanessa Amberleigh. It broadcasts on the CBeebies channel from March 16th 2020.

What our client says about us

"Ellie and Joss are really fantastic to work with...

They are skilled lyricists and composers who have created a fresh and distinctive theme tune and score for my current series JoJo & Gran Gran... they deliver the good and they are a joy to work with."

Tom Cousins , Producer - BBC

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