Earth's Wildest Waters: The Big Fish

Ben Fogle-presented competition series for BBC Two

From tropical seas to frozen rivers and lakes, this is not just a gripping competition to find Britain’s best all-round angler, but an expedition around the world. Who will be brave enough to swap the Thames for the Amazon? Or swap Lake Windermere for an alligator-infested swamp, or the coast of Wales for the shores of Central America?

This major BBC 2 series was hosted by Ben Fogle and scored by Paul Honey. Anglers from across the country tested their skills in some of the most stunning and challenging environments around the world.

The Big Fish was executive produced by Tim Martin and series produced by Samantha Beddoes for the BBC’s Natural History Unit. It broadcast in 2015.

What our client says about us

"Paul really understood the concept of the series and how important the music was to the mood of the series we’ve created... we can’t thank him enough for continuously being so creatively spot on."

Sam Beddoes , Producer

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