Diesel-fuelled clashes and smashes + a supercharged score from composer team Jode Steele and David Wainwright (Release The Hounds, Raven) = Carnage

The high-octane show will see teams of engineers, mechanics and drivers transform their wildest car concepts into a reality as they hand-build armed and battle-ready vehicles. Then, in a Mad Max-style combat in three vast arenas deep in the desert, six souped-up cars will battle it out using their bespoke weaponry… and only one will survive to drive away and into the season grand finale.

Composers Jode and Dave specialise in scoring action adventure shows and Hollywood feature trailers. They also scored channel ident music for Sky’s F1 channel. Click here to read more about them.

The 6 x 60 series is produced for Sky One by Primal Media (a joint venture with Lionsgate) and Motion Content Group, with executive producers Mat Steiner and Adam Wood for Primal and Melanie Darlaston for Motion. The commissioner for Sky is Barbara Lee.

Carnage broadcast in 2018 Sky One.

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