All At Sea (Series 1)

CBBC sitcom scored by Paul Honey

All at Sea is a children's television sitcom set in a bed and breakfast.

The colourful 13x30 minute series is centred around an imaginative 10-year-old boy named Charlie, whose family have recently moved from London to run a bed and breakfast by the sea in Scarborough.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life, Charlie - who lives in the B&B with his mum and dad, 14-year-old sister Hannah and little brother Louie who is seven - loves his new-found freedom and exploring the town that has become their new seaside home.

The first series was scored by composer Paul Honey and aired on CBBC in 2014. It starred Nicola Stephenson, Steve Edge, Gabriel Franks, Olivia Cosgrove and Sam Hattersley amongst others.

Filmed on location in Scarborough, the series was twice nominated for a BAFTA.

What our client says about us

“Paul Honey is a creative genius. His work on ALL AT SEA has not only enhanced the series, but lifted it to a whole new level...

He has a true understanding of how to score to lift mood, add energy, give emotional beats and work hand in hand with the writers to truly take the audience on a massive fun journey.”

Juliet Charlesworth , Series Producer - BBC

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