Man vs Fly to be developed into series

See an excerpt of Gogglebox Entertainment’s new format - Man vs Fly. Jode Steele and David Wainwright produced the music for the new game.

Game Show Network, the American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned as a joint venture between DirecTV and Sony Pictures Television, has acquired 50 three-minute episodes of the interstitial series Man Vs Fly, scored by Jode Steele and David Wainwright. The network will put the show into half-hour series development. In Man Vs Fly, brave human warriors are placed into a sealed white box with a cunning, dastardly housefly. Every contestant is allowed one weapon of choice to aid in battle and each has only 60 seconds to bring down the fly, or leave in disgrace. Two will enter…but only one will leave. It’s produced by SPT’s UK JV Gogglebox Entertainment and is currently available to watch via The Sun subscription website.