Official Toast Sponsor of the CMC 2015

Hungry? Visit The Toast Bar at The Children's Media Conference this year.

We'll be out in full force serving free and unlimited* toast and condiments at this year's Children's Media Conference in Sheffield. For over a third of a decade we've been serving the children's television community with original musical sound bites for such shows as The Furchester Hotel, Wanda And The Alien and Old Jack's Boat, and so this year we've decided to give the industry something back as a thank you, which happens to be our real passion - toast. So, with the title of Official Toast Sponsor which we have unofficially given ourselves, we will be serving up toast at The Toast Bar to all delegates. The Toast Bar is more of a cocktail minibar disguised as a toast bar and will be located on the first floor of The Hubs. It will be open from Thursday 2nd July at 8:30am. On the menu will be white and brown toast served with dainty individual butter portions. Come on over for a slice. See you there. Oh wait! There'll be peanut butter, jam, marmalade and nutella too. --- * Unlimited in this context means until we run out or run away due to demand.