Nainita Desai to score "Peru Two" doc series

6-part series from Blast Films

In August 2013, Michaella McCollum (pictured below) was arrested at Lima Airport Peru, attempting to smuggle out £1.5m of cocaine hidden in her suitcase. She was sentenced, alongside her 20 year-old accomplice, to nearly seven years in jail in one of the country’s toughest prisons: Ancon 2.

At 20 years old, Michaella was incarcerated with murderers and gangsters, witnessing horrific attacks on fellow inmates and living in brutal conditions. At times she genuinely believed she might not make it out of Peru alive.

This gripping new six-part series from Blast! Films tells the story of how Michaella served her prison sentence, eventually becoming known as the Delegada, the highest ranking prisoner in her wing, and running a pop-up beauty salon for her fellow inmates.

The series has unique access to Michaella, her family and friends as well as others closely connected to the case and with a range of perspectives on the drugs trade. It reveals how a small-town girl from rural Northern Ireland who didn’t even know where Peru was, let alone speak a word of Spanish, embarked on one of the riskiest crimes imaginable - and failed - only to rise up in the ranks of one of the most notorious prisons in the world before being released on probation after serving three years.

High (w/t) 6x30 is a Blast! Films production commissioned by Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three and Clare Sillery, BBC Head of Documentary commissioning. The executive producer is David Hodgkinson and the Director is Stuart Bernard. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Hamish Fergusson.