Composer team scores new Head Hunters quiz show for BBC One

Banks & Wag produce music for 30-part BBC One gameshow Head Hunters

BBC One daytime has commissioned new quiz Head Hunters that puts a price on knowledge, hosted by comedian Rob Beckett and scored by Banks & Wag (The X Factor, National Lottery Live, The Big Audition).

Every weekday afternoon for six weeks three Head Hunters will emerge from a ‘talent pool’ of twenty quizzers, following quick qualifying questions. To win the rolling jackpot at the end of each show, a winning Head Hunter must answer a question correctly from nine very different categories, in just 90 seconds.

Each day the categories are different. When they’re revealed a Head Hunter might feel secretly confident they can go it alone and win solo, or they might think two, three or four heads are better than one.

If so, it’s now down to them to ‘hunt the heads’ that can help them handle all of these questions, recruiting candidates from the Talent Pool by bidding for their services with cash offers they can’t refuse.

The Talent Pool will be a rolling cast with contestants returning for several episodes creating a daily soap opera as allegiances are made, and broken.

Packed with around 80 questions an episode, and thanks to a wide range of specific categories – from Fashion to The Tudors, Chemistry to Romantic Comedies – there’s something for everyone to play along with from home.

Head Hunters is produced by Tuesday’s Child Scotland and airs on BBC One in July.

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