Banks & Wag cook up new Disney commission

Michelin star chef Michel Roux Jr co-presents new school cooking competition for the Disney Channel, with original theme and other music by Banks & Wag.

Banks & Wag have scored title and related music for the forthcoming 9 x 22-minute new Disney series First Class Chefs.

The series is made by Jamie Oliver’s production company Fresh One Productions. Banks & Wag worked with Fresh One Productions last year on the Sky 1/Samsung talent show Launching People.

First Class Chefs will feature 12 schools from all over the UK which will compete against each other in a competition which culminates in the two finalist schools left in the competition turning their canteen into restaurants with food prepared and served by, who else, but the pupils...

And the winning school will secure a £10,000 prize which will be spent funding a healthy living project.

First Class Chefs will debut on the Disney Channel this summer. It is executive produced by Fresh One’s creative director Zoe Collins and is series produced by Nick Hopkin.