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Will Bedford is a UK-based composer, producer and arranger, best known for his music for video games. He also has an extensive portfolio of music for film, TV, adverts and trailers.

Will’s signature style uses rich, emotional and cinematic orchestration in combination with a strong use of technology and production. Originally coming from an electronic music production background before discovering a passion for cinematic orchestral music, he has a broad creative and technical skillset and influence from a diverse range of musical styles.

Having also worked as a music software developer, Will’s programming knowledge has proven invaluable for his video game collaborations. Even if he isn’t involved with the game’s code, he is able to ‘think like a programmer’ and communicate effectively with developers. Will is also experienced using audio middleware such as FMOD to build dynamic/interactive soundtracks for games.

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Will Bedford's CV

View our composer's list of TV and film credits here.

Call of The Wild Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds Platforms: PC, Consoles
Lineage 2M (Additional music) NCSoft Platforms: PC, Mobile
UBG Mobile / Game For Peace Cutscene/promo music encent Platforms: Mobile
Lineage W Original music & arrangements (co-writer) NCSoft Platforms: PC, Mobile
Bright Paw - original music Dynamic music implementation Radical Forge Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Mobile, PC
A Knight’s Quest Curve Digital, Sky9 Games Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC
Battletoads (Orchestration/Arrangements, MIDI programming) David Housden, Rare Platforms: Xbox One
Shump Alex Johansson Platforms: Mobile
Sublevel Zero Original music Dynamic music implementation Sigtrap, Merge Games Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC
Kyn Original music Dynamic music implementation Client: Tangrin, Versus Evil Platforms: PC
TinyKeep Original music Phigames Platforms: PC
Babel: Tower To The Gods Trailer music Ruce Platforms: PC, HTC Vive
Corporate Salmon Original music Alex Johansson Platforms: Mobile
Crossy Road Additional VO recording Hipster Whale Platforms: Mobile
Talking Tom Splash Force Original Music Ocellus Platforms: Mobile
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Composed by: Will Bedford