Andy Blythe and Marten Joustra

Andy and Marten have been composing music together for over 20 years.

Marten’s background is as a classically trained musician. He is a keen jazz pianist and has played in a variety of orchestras, rock bands, jazz quartets and as part of a TV house band.

Andy’s background is in recording and production. Having also been a drummer in various rock and pop bands, he opened and ran a commercial recording studio. It was through this that he and Marten met.

They quickly established a mutual ambition to write music for television and have gained vast experience composing for children’s television shows including LET’S PLAY, I CAN COOK, ULTIMATE BRAIN and the hit DICK AND DOM series.

Having been recommended to the Atmosphere Music library in 1986, they have since contributed tracks to over 70 library music albums and written themes and incidental music for clients all over the world.

After four years of development, Andy and Marten’s revolutionary new project, The BBC Production Music Orchestral Toolkit was released in 2014.

As well as composing in a wide variety of styles and genres, they are also prolific lyricists – having written the words for many themes, songs and in-programme features.

Andy and Marten provide a professional, friendly and reliable collaboration - priding themselves on having never missed a deadline!

The composers are currently scoring the third and fourth seasons of THE FURCHESTER HOTEL, to be broadcast later this year.

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