The Composers

Paul E. Francis

A native Brit living in LA, Paul E. Francis started composing for film in 2006 when he was asked by composer David A.Hughes to co-compose th... more

Raphaelle Thibaut

Born half deaf, Raphaelle has been pushed from the age of 4 by her music-loving parents to start an intense 17 years piano practice in order... more

Sanj Sen

Sanj Sen is experienced in a diverse mix of music. From an early age he was recording and mixing music styles ranging from hip-hop to rock, ... more

Daniel Acheh

Daniel Alcheh (pronounced al-SHEA) is an award-winning, internationally-performed composer. He has scored feature films, TV shows, animation... more

Jode Steele and David Wainwright

Composers Jode & Dave AKA Verbal Vigilante have been writing together for over 10 years. A combination of a classical background and cut... more

Banks & Wag

If you’ve seen THE X FACTOR, THE NATIONAL LOTTERY LIVE or ZINGZILLAS you’ll have heard music by Banks & Wag. The pair &... more