The Composers

Nainita Desai

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nainita on our Discovery Channel UK/Science Channel USA series, Legends of the Deep. The mu... more

Daniel Ingram

“It was intimidating to sing for fantasy animation film My Little Pony. Daniel wrote not only an amazing song for me to sing… bu... more

Paul E. Francis

A native Brit living in LA, Paul E. Francis started composing for film in 2006 when he was asked by composer David A.Hughes to co-compose th... more

Raphaelle Thibaut

Born half deaf, Raphaelle has been pushed from the age of 4 by her music-loving parents to start an intense 17 years piano practice in order... more

Sanj Sen

“As the showrunners of Norman Picklestripes, we give our highest recommendation to Sanj Sen as a composer for kids’ television. ... more

Daniel Alcheh

Daniel Alcheh (pronounced al-SHEA) is an award-winning, internationally-performed composer. He has scored feature films, TV shows, animation... more

Jode Steele and David Wainwright

Composers Jode & Dave AKA Verbal Vigilante have been writing together for over 10 years. A combination of a classical background and cut... more

Banks & Wag

If you’ve seen THE X FACTOR, THE NATIONAL LOTTERY LIVE or ZINGZILLAS you’ll have heard music by Banks & Wag. The pair &... more