Dogs: The Untold Story

From wolves to pampered pooches, this 5-part 60 minute landmark series, filmed in glorious blue-chip style, reveals how the best friend that sits at your feet became so specialised. We’ll learn how dogs became our closest allies, and see this amazing species in all its glory, living with and without man in all four corners of the planet.

From the singing dogs that lead tribal hunters to their prey, to life-saving dogs that leap from helicopters into icy-cold seas to rescue people from drowning – and even dogs that learn to drive, Life Of Dogs will explore and help us understand better than ever before the lives of dogs from across the world, both in the wild, and in their modern day homes with humans .

The music for the show was produced by a number of The Composerworks’ composer including Paul Honey and Sanj Sen.

The series began broadcasting across the world on Discovery Networks International from 2018. 


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