Raphaelle Thibaut scores short film from London-based Uzong Films

Screamfest LA premieres debut film from director Conscian Morgan

Raphaelle Thibaut

The Familiar Fingers of Culture (short film)

The Familiar Fingers of Culture is a short film scored by New York-based Raphaelle Thiabut; a dark psychological thriller that explores a moral philosophy from our societies’ extremes.

The narrative follows Brooke, a high-class escort and mother of one,  desperate to make ends meet for her daughter and struggling to balance the conflicting influences in her life and from those around her. A story about balance – or rather a lack of – the film explores several extreme viewpoints from opposing edges of society and culture, including Brooke’s mother, a deeply religious conservative, and her hedonist best friend, Victoria.

Raphaelle has recently scored the lead trailer for The Incredibles 2 and her unique and captivating compositional style continues to capture audiences’ attention.

Produced by Kamal Patel and Remi Shaham and directed by Conscian Morgan from Uzong Films, the The Familiar Fingers of Culture had its premiere screening was at Screamfest in L.A. in October 2018.

The New York City Horror Film Festival (https://nychorrorfest.com/2018-film-festival/) will also be screening the film.