Recent series include A Long Long Crime Ago scored by Sanj Sen and made by BBC Scotland and series 1 and 2 of All At Sea, scored by Paul Honey and executive produced by Connal Orton.

The colourful 13×30 minute series is centred around an imaginative 10-year-old boy named Charlie, whose family have recently moved from London to run a bed and breakfast by the sea in Scarborough.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life, Charlie – who lives in the B&B with his mum and dad, 14-year-old sister Hannah and little brother Louie who is seven – loves his new-found freedom and exploring the town that has become their new seaside home.

Paul Honey scored the theme and underscore for the series.

Other series music written by The Composerworks’ composers include Ultimate Brain (Zig Zag Production/CBBC), The Slammer and The Legend of Dick and Dom.

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