The Composerworks’ Paul Honey has collaborated with BBC Learning on 2 productions:

Life Stories: Red Production Company (the makers of Happy Valley, Prey and Scott and Bailey) made 5 short dramas for BBC Learning. Aimed at 7-11yr olds, each film explores a different emotional experience that children can relate to, enjoy and learn from – from sibling rivalry to friendship issues. The films are broadcast on the Learning Zone on BBC 2 and on the Class Clips BBC website. Paul worked with, amongst others, Bill Gallagher (Lark Rise To Candleford, The Paradise) on two of the films.

Children of The Holocaust: A 6-part series made by Fettle Animation for BBC Two. It is produced by Kath Shakleton and executive produced by Katy Jones.

Eyewitness accounts from history, brought to life for a young audience in remarkable animation. Elderly survivors recount their childhood experiences of Nazi atrocities; their escape from occupied mainland Europe to Britain; adapting to life in the UK and the impact on their lives subsequently.

The films are broadcast on BBC 2 and are also available to watch on the BBC website for 5 years from 2014 here.


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