The Composers



Banks & Wag

If you’ve seen THE X FACTOR, THE NATIONAL LOTTERY LIVE or ZINGZILLAS you’ll have heard music by Banks & Wag. The pair R... more

Paul Honey

Paul Honey is one of the most highly skilled and versatile composers in the TV, film and soundtrack business today. Having started learning ... more

Soundology (Nainita Desai)

Working at the forefront of a new wave of emerging artists, Nainita Desai is a BAFTA BREAKTHROUGH BRIT 2016-17 and one of the UK’s lead... more

Brains & Hunch

Brains & Hunch (Tom Haines and Chris Branch) joined The Composerworks’ roster in 2017. Their sound is as raw and handmade as it ... more

Jamie Salisbury

Multi-award winning composer Jamie Salisbury is best-known for his eclectic and versatile work for film, TV, games, trailers, contemporary d... more

Sanj Sen

Sanj Sen is experienced in a diverse mix of music. From an early age he was recording and mixing music styles ranging from hip-hop to rock, ... more

Ellie Wyatt

Ellie Wyatt is a BAFTA nominated songwriter, a composer, string arranger and violinist whose music and songs have been used on a wide array ... more

Heather Fenoughty

With credits on BBC1, BBC3 and ITV1 documentaries and BBC2 and BBC4 films, Heather has scored, sound-tracked or mixed nearly 100 short films... more

Jode Steele and David Wainwright

Composers Jode & Dave AKA Verbal Vigilante have been writing together for over 10 years. A combination of a classical background and cut... more

Jasper Wilkinson

Having won the Young Jazz Composer competition at the Royal Northern College of Music at the tender age of 15, Jasper has gone onto to write... more

Phillipa Alexander and Ellie Wyatt: Chicks With Hits

Phillipa Alexander & Ellie Wyatt spent many years song writing together as Chicks With Hits. Their eclectic catalogue of musical delight... more

Dan McGrath and Josh Phillips

World renowned through their music for some of the highest rated television shows, Dan and Josh have between them composed the title the... more

Raphaelle Thibaut

Born half deaf, Raphaelle has been pushed from the age of 4 by her music-loving parents to start an intense 17 years piano practice in order... more

Paul Drew

Paul Started off his musical career as a session guitarist playing for bands like Roachford, McCabe, Artful Dodger. During this period Paul ... more

Andy Blythe and Marten Joustra

Andy and Marten have been composing music together for over 20 years. In that time they have composed and recorded over 1500 pieces of mus... more