MediaCityUK is the new Northern hub for TV and media. When it opened in 2012, broadcasters from all over the UK flocked here and now, six years later, it stands tall as a great city with a flourishing community of talent.


It’s easy to forget quite how spectacular this place is. You could be forgiven for thinking you’re in a financial district somewhere in the world if you found yourself placed in the middle of the piazza. As you walk between tall buildings, parts of MediaCityUK are even a bit like Wellington, New Zealand. Windy! Here are the best things to do here:

1. Eat

An easy one. Recently opened, Pret a Manger is a great place to meet the locals here – you may even get to see a star or two, if there’s one hovering by the sarnie fridges. It has only recently opened and already attracts the crowds for lunch. There are many other places to go, including Damson, Marco Pierre White’s restaurant, Cau and more!

2. Have a shandy and then watch a show

It’s a sociable place to meet and network over a drink, especially on a Friday after a busy day at work. Try as you might to get a seat at The Dock Yard, it is often packed, but is one of the best places to check out. Or, fancy something a bit more upmarket? Why not try the On The 7th members club, based inside The Landing, near Costa. Of course, I don’t just mean alcohol drinking, you could go for some great coffee too, especially at popular coffee shops, like Costa and Penelope’s. (Don’t forget Penelope’s Kitchen, based in the Pie Factory, too!).

There are a host of shows you can be part of the audience here for too. From the Jeremy Kyle show to the hilarious 8 Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown. I recommend this link to keep an eye on shows here:

 3. Meet up and take an official tour

MediaCityUK is both a great place to network and a good venue to meet. I see runners to executive producers every day. The world really is your oyster here. But there’s also an extensive tour around the studios. Bookings from May 1st are now open. Details here:

4. Shop for cheap stuff at Lowry

 Just across from MediaCityUK is The Lowry Outlet Mall. A great place to go shopping for designer brands and even more places to sit down and eat too. It’s just across the docks.

5. Drop in

We’re always happy to meet up with you if you’re in the biz or you’re an upcoming composer who would like to learn more about the industry. Our office doors are, quite literally, always open (thereby presenting a fire risk?). Drop one of us a line.

There is so much to do at this young, vibrant ‘city’. Don’t miss an opportunity to come over to see this ever-expanding place!