Theatre/BBC 2 production, Flood: To the Sea, to be scored by Heather Fenoughty


Rehearsals underway in Hull for ground-breaking theatre production that will be broadcast on BBC Two.


Created and produced by acclaimed theatre company Slung Low and directed by Alan Lane, “Flood: To The Sea” is the third instalment of “Flood”, a play in four parts told across an entire year, online, live in Hull and on BBC TV. Heather Fenoughty has been invited to score the whole project. 

“Flood” began at the start of the year with a girl being raised from the depths of the sea, ahead of an approaching apocalyptic event that will see England engulfed by water. 

The TV production “Flood Part Three: To the Sea” takes the action forward and is set in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Flood asks a simple question: what if the fleeing masses from our TV screens and Twitter feeds, in their boats and their orange lifejackets, had English accents? Because displacement is like disease: deep down we think it only happens to other people.

“Flood Part Three: To the Sea” will broadcast on BBC Two in August.