Paul Honey scores new ITV medical ‘miracles’ series


Three-part series centres on inspirational stories of people whose lives are affected by medical science.


Produced by Optomen, 3×60 series The Miracle will capture the extraordinary emotional and physical transformation of people having their sight, hearing and ability to walk restored by the power of modern medicine.

In telling each patient’s story, this ground breaking factual format will offer an insight into the impact of preparing for, undergoing and re-emerging from such profound change on people at all stages of life – from young to old and from a range of backgrounds – and on those closest to them.

Paul Honey, whose previous 2015 commissions include the BBC 2 natural history series Earth’s Wildest Waters: The Big Fish, Bafta-winning Old Jack’s Boat and Bafta-nominted series All At Sea and Children of The Holocaust, will be scoring title and related music for the series.

The Miracle is an Optomen Television production for ITV. It will broadcast in Spring 2016.