Paul Honey scores Andrew Marr stroke documentary


New one-off documentary for BBC Two reveals Marr’s personal story of recovery from stroke and takes an in-depth look into the fabric of what makes us who we are: our brains.

In Andrew Marr: My Brain And Mewe see a first hand account of how close Andrew Marr came to losing his life to a stroke four years ago.

Marr also shares the highs and lows of his own journey and private determination to recover from his stroke. Intensive physiotherapy has restored some movement to his left side (he suffers from semi-paralysis), but with limited progress over the last year he explores a range of new and cutting-edge stroke treatments - including being swung upside down whilst having injections into his spinal fluid (a Christmas present to himself last year).

With characteristic openness he talks about his health and the effects of stroke , the scientific machinations of our grey matter, as well as the personal impact of suddenly losing brain and motor function through the intimate story of one of the great brains of our generation.

The 1×60 documentary for BBC Two is produced by Liz Allen for Icon Films and is scored by Paul Honey whose other 2017 commissions include Dogs: The Untold Story (5×60, Discovery), Old Jack’s Boat: Rockpool Tales (CBeebies) and the forthcoming feature doc The Atom: A Love Affair