Paul Honey serves up music for BBC One’s Porridge


New one-off episode coming to BBC One this summer


Porridge, the classic prison sitcom, returns nearly 40 years after Norman Stanley Fletcher served his time.

Paul Honey has produced a re-versioned theme to the show. Paul’s other BBC comedies include Blandings (BBC One) and double BAFTA-nominated All At Sea.

About the episode

Fletch’s grandson, also known as Fletch, is imprisoned for a series of cyber-crimes and finds himself beholden to prison bad boy Richie Weeks, forced to use his hacking skills to get Weeks off the hook. The greater problem is that wily prison officer Meekie has got his beady eye on Fletch – he knows a wrong ’un when he sees one.

Porridge will be broadcast this Sunday at 9:30pm on BBC One.