20 new and returning commissions coming in 2019/20


Shows for the BBC, ITV and Netflix in the works

Paul Honey

Our composers have scored a raft of new productions, ranging from children’s shows to documentary series.

Here’s a summary of what’s to come.

The Atom – A Love Affair (1 x 90 documentary)

Paul Honey (pictured on piano, above) has scored the forthcoming feature documentary The Atom – A Love Affair.

The ambitious international feature documentary, to be narrated by a high-profile actress to be announced soon, reveals the West’s rollercoaster love-hate relationship with nuclear power since the end of World War 2.

The director is Vicki Lesley for Tenner Films.

Head Hunters – BBC One (30 x 60)

BBC One daytime has commissioned new quiz show Head Hunters. The show is hosted by comedian Rob Beckett and scored by Banks & Wag (The X Factor, National Lottery Live, The Big Audition).

Every weekday afternoon for six weeks three Head Hunters will emerge from a ‘talent pool’ of twenty quizzers, following quick qualifying questions. To win the rolling jackpot at the end of each show, a winning Head Hunter must answer a question correctly from nine very different categories, in just 90 seconds.

Head Hunters is produced by Tuesday’s Child Scotland and began airing on BBC One on October 7th.

Billionaires-based series (w/t) (4 x 60 – Netflix) 

Nainita Desai is scoring a forthcoming documentary series for Netflix, more details of which will be announced soon.

The series a Minnow Films production. The executive producer is Morgan Matthews.

Let’s Go For A Walk (30 x 15 – CBeebies)

Let’s Go for A Walk is a brand new live-action show in which presenter Hamza Yassin and his mini-ramblers, explore and discover that there is magic and adventure everywhere… if you only look closely enough.

Brains & Hunch (Junk Rescue, The Baby Club, Glow Up!) are scoring the series.

The show is an accessible way for every child to enjoy being outdoors and appreciate the nature on their doorstep, showing how even the everyday walk to nursery or the shops can be extraordinary and an expedition worthy of the greatest explorers.

Made by Hello Halo TV, Let’s Go For A Walk is executive produced by Terri Langan. The series producer is Ewan Torrance.

Rescued (6 x 60 – Nat Geo) 

Nainita Desai is helping to tell the story of incredible dramatic true-life rescues with original title and related music throughout this series.

Rescued is an Arrow Media production.

Molly and Mack series 2 (20 x 15 – CBeebies)

Paul Honey is currently writing the music for series 2 of hit CBeebies drama series Molly and Mack, with new songs written by Ellie Wyatt and produced by Paul Drew.

The series is produced out of BBC Scotland and the producer is Jane Baxter. The show broadcasts later this year on CBeebies.

Powerbirds (40 x 11 – Universal Kids) 

Powerbirds follows the adventures of two pet parakeets that happen to live secret superhero lives.

The series, produced by the acclaimed animation company Brown Bag Films, is expected to debut in early 2020 on the Universal Kids channel and is being scored by Sanj Sen (Moshi Monsters, Danger Mouse, Micronauts).

Powerbirds is directed by Bill Gordon and series produced by Uma Kirshnamurthy.

My Family, The Holocaust and Me (2 x 60, BBC One) 

My Family, The Holocaust and Me is a two-part series which will see Robert Rinder help the families of those who experienced the Holocaust re-trace their parents and grandparents’ steps.

Following on from his Who Do You Think You Are? episode, Rinder will also travel to Treblinka to seek answers to questions around his own roots.

The series is scored by Nainita Desai whose other notable 2019 credits include the multi-award winning feature length documentary For Sama (coming to Channel 4 soon).

My Family, The Holocaust and Me is a Wall To Wall production for BBC One. The series producer is David Vincent. The executive producer is Colette Flight.

New animation series (44 x 11, CBeebies)

Ellie Wyatt, Jamie Salisbury and Joss Peach will be scoring a forthcoming animation series about a pre-school child and her grandmother, showing the special and loving relationship that they have.

More details later this year.

The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan (6 x 60 – Channel 4) 

Award-winning comedian Mo Gilligan launched his new late night show this summer, with celebrity guests, music, sketches, iconic games and lots of prizes.

Title music was written by composer Sanj Sen (Hypothetical, Danger Mouse) and it was performed live by the show’s superb in-house band The Composerz.

The series is produced by Expectation Factual for Channel 4 (broadcast this summer).

Max and Harvey: FOMO (CBBC)

Paul Drew brings some new music to this hit in-house-produced CBBC show presented by the hugely popular duo Max and Harvey.

Jungle Heroes (12 x 60 – Nat Geo) 

Jungle Heroes, scored by Nainita Desai, sees a dedicated team of conservationists and vets who are on a mission to rescue animals in distress and help India’s people and wildlife coexist in harmony.

The series is produced by Double Act TV and the executive producer is Josh Pitt.

Yolanda’s Live Jam (10 x 15 – CBeebies Radio) 

The multi-talented musician and presenter Yolanda is back. This time she brings her talents to her own CBeebies radio series with music throughout scored by Jamie Salisbury (Mighty Little Bheem, Kit and Pup).

Produced in-house by Harriet Blackamore, the show broadcasts next year on CBeebies radio.

Little Britons (4 x 60 – Channel 5)

Nainita Desai has written title and related music for a forthcoming Channel 5 documentary series, Little Britons, which follows the lives of people with Achondroplasia.

The series is produced by Nine Lives Media for Channel 5 and the producer is Colin Stone.

Killer Camp (6 x 60 – ITV2)

ITV2 is getting sensationally scary this Halloween with brand new show, Killer Camp.

Jode Steele and David Wainwright (Release The Hounds, Take The Tower) are scoring.

In this reality event, airing across five nights leading up to Halloween, 11 unsuspecting contributors will be dropped into an 80s inspired lakeside lodge where, after an explosive twist, they learn it’s not the Summer Camp they’d envisaged but a Killer Camp with a secret murderer amongst them…

The 5 x 60’ series is made by Tuesday’s Child. Executive Producer for Tuesday’s Child is Steph Harris, Series Editor is James Donkin and the Series Producer is Ben Wilson. Keshet International will distribute both the format and finished tape of Killer Camp internationally, officially launching it next week at MIPCOM 2019.

A House Through Time series 3 (4 x 60 – BBC Two)

Paul Honey is back for series 3 of this acclaimed series presented by David Olusoga. This time, the house to be explored over the four part series is located in Bristol.

A House Through Time is produced by Twenty Twenty TV and the producer is Mary Crisp.

Watch a clip of series 2 here.

Hypothetical (6 x 30 – UKTV)

Sanj Sen has provided additional music for the second series of the hit comedy quiz show hosted by Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster. Sanj also wrote the theme for the series.

The series is produced by Hat Trick Productions and the executive producer is Stu Mather.

Police-based documentary series (3 x 60 – Channel 4)

Nainita Desai is currently scoring title and related music for this forthcoming Dragonfly Television-produced series, more details of which are to be announced soon.

Sitting on a Fortune (ITV)

Composers Jode Steele and and David Wainwright have recently scored a new ITV game show pilot featuring BBC Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker.

The former footballer and broadcaster is fronting quiz show Sitting On A Fortune, where a contestant can win a life-changing amount of money in each episode.

The pilot is produced by ITV Studios-owned 5 Gold Rings and Catchpoint producer Possessed.

Hansel and Gretel (CBeebies)

Composers Banks & Wag are once again invited to score this year’s CBeebies Christmas Show: an adaptation of fairy-tale classic Hansel and Gretel.

This year’s highly anticipated winter adventure will take place at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. It’s the first time the show has been recorded in Scotland.

The show is also set to use the energy of the 1980s in its themes, including inspired music by Banks & Wag (Go Jetters, Mighty Little Bheem), alongside the fashion and iconography of the decade.

Once again, families will also be able to experience the magic of the Christmas show on the ‘big screen’ as it hits cinemas across the UK with additional exclusive content.

Hansel and Gretel will be broadcast on CBeebies and will be available on BBC iPlayer on 7 December. The producer is Phil Cooper.


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