Danger Mouse goes Down Under


New territories for the hit new reboot Danger Mouse scored by Sanj Sen

Danger Mouse

It looks like Danger Mouse will be taking his new adventures Down Under with the fearless rodent due to land on ABC in Australia this year. DM features our wonderfully talented composer, Sanj Sen, who is wowing audiences with the re-styled theme tune and a supercharged score.

The show will also be broadcast soon in the Middle East on MBC and on French and New Zealand television too.

Danger Mouse is a new series based on the 80′s mega-hit and follows the adventures of Danger Mouse (voiced by Alexander Armstrong) and Penfold (Kevin Eldon) as they save the world from the evil but nonetheless hilarious Baron von Greenback (Ed Gaughan).

So, to all our Aussie fans, don’t forget to check out Danger Mouse and, of course, Sanj Sen’s work here.