BBC celebrates the amazing inventions across England that have changed our lives in a series of regional documentaries


The extraordinary contribution England has made to modern scientific discoveries will be explored in a series of programmes on BBC One, with Invented In The West Country scored by Paul Honey

Produced by Grace Productions, Paralympian swimmer Kate Grey explores the world of prosthetic inventors. Kate has recently taken up cycling and needs a new limb so tries out the latest 3D-printed bionics being pioneered by West Country inventors at Open Bionics and compares them to the first prosthetics manufactured by Chard shoemaker James Gillingham 150 years ago.

Invented In The West Country is one of eleven regional documentaries screened by BBC English Regions celebrating inventors from across the country and their life changing inventions.

Invented In The West Country is presented by Kate Grey and directed by Ray Tostevin (My Brother The Terrorist, Welcome To The Mosque). It airs on BBC One West this Friday, 23rd June at 7:30pm.