Channel 5

Composers Banks & Wag get into the dating game (musically speaking) as Brian McFadden and Laura Jackson host Channel 5’s new dating show Stand By Your Man, produced by ITV Studios and GroupM Entertainment.

In Stand By Your Man, four male contestants compete to win a date with one of 40 girls from the studio audience. The guys face various rounds of fun challenges, each with the aim of revealing more about themselves and influencing the girls’ decisions. At the end of each round, the girls are asked to choose their favourite guy by standing in his respective line.

Music provided includes the theme and various elements of the show such as walk ons, stings, tension beds and break bumpers.

The show is produced by ITV Studios at MediaCityUK. It aired during the summer of 2014.

In 2017 our composers Ellie Wyatt and Paul Drew produced reversioned channel ident music for Channel 5′s Milkshake! brand.

They also assisted with music and arrangements for the Milkshake! Live tour.

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